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From planning to deployment, do something amazing with Divic.

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What we do?

We guide technical projects from planning, to development to deployment.

Divic Product Planning and Design

Product Planning & Design

We're comfortable making technology recommendations that work best for our client.  As an agile company we leverage our product and technology knowledge to start things off right.  After that we work with you to create mockups and designs to help focus product goals.

Divic Development


Divic does Drupal.  We've built many Drupal sites for organization large and small, along with putting out fires for Drupal projects gone astray.  While our framework of choice is Drupal, we've also worked with technology such as Ruby on Rails, ASP and Java.

Divic Infrastructure and Deployment

Infrastructure & Deployment

Are you intrigued by the cost savings and efficiencies a continuous cloud deployment offers? We've deployed multiple projects to Amazon AWS using the latest containerization practices with Docker and Kubernetes, along with continuous builds running on Jenkins.

Latest Work

Digital Services Toolkit

Mckinsey needed a modular website frame work.  We worked with them to create a paragraph based Drupal 7 workflow to do just that.


California DOJ needed a dynamic CMS to manage Open Justice data.  We created a Drupal 8 site with a VueJS front end as a flexible solution.


Working with UCSF we created a Drupal 7 site to track smoking in movies.

Divic was instrumental in helping California DOJ start moving to AWS infrastructure.

Web Team Lead - California DOJ

Who we've worked with